Game time-Game Faces

Game time-Game Faces

Saturday, June 5, 2010


With the dollar being the number one traded and largest reserve currency in the world. The question is asked, "Do you see what is happening to the dollar?" In my opinion it is truly losing its first place position, but not strength due to too much electronic trading that is allowed to go on with little intervention. The major companies on the DOW and S&P are international companies whom are generating profits that are causing the stock market to see growth. European companies are on their way to recovery while the gut of Wall street is like a gaping hole in the middle of the city of Guatemala. When stocks plunged 999pts in 15 minutes and recovered 600pts in the same amount of time, it were these gaping holes that stopped us from true recovery. The source of these gaping holes are speculated to be faulty trading that occurred within a labyrinth of electronic exchanges. A thief doesn't give a dam and those that do don't know exactly how it is occurring. A funny thing happened on the way to the future; The DOW falls at least 10%. A trading halt of an hour to a half an hour will occur. These trading halts create windows of opportunity for investors and investment groups to cancel bad trades or the opportunity to manipulate the market and shake investors confidence with over selling causing panic on Wall street. Now whom does this panic benefit? That just cannot happen to the U.S. stock market but the system failed and it could happen again and even though the U.S. is the best house in the worse neighborhood right now with rising earnings, low interest rates, and investors flocking to the U.S. Dollar as a safe-haven play. But with sluggish overall conditions and near term profitability issues in livestock and dairy sectors, investors in agriculture, which is usually a safe-haven, are being cautious in their purchasing decisions. This Panda bear market shows just how intertwined world markets are and with the DOW still under tremendous pressure due to fears of the debt crisis in Greece, the fundamentals of the game have shifted from a game of baseball or basketball to a globally linked game of soccer(or rugby), an international game loved by Europeans as Americans love Football, Baseball, and Basketball.
With Greece being the epicenter of the financial earthquake the Federal System which dominated global and domestic markets in the late 19th and 20th centuries, created jobs, a centralized banking system known as the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve Note, and F.D.I.C. The Federal System has led the way for over 150 years now and only relinquishes its number 1 position to maintain it. The dominoes were set up long before but began to fall in 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. With all the breakdowns from then up to present day bears witness to a tearing down of the Federal System which is being replaced by the Euro system.
The Euro sign is crossed by two parallel lines, which symbolizes the stability in the Euro system which is controlled by the European Central Bank, the world's most important central bank right now. Unlike the Federal Reserve Bank, it has one primary objective with others subordinate to it. The primary objective of the E.C.B. is tot take care of the foreign reserves of the Euro system and promote smooth operation of money market infrastructures under the Target payment system. In the debt crisis of 2007, the E.C.B., loaned billions in Euros to stabilize bank systems and in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, under the Term Auction Facility, to improve dollar liquidity in 'the zone' and stabilize the money market.
With the number 2 system in the number 1 spot this shows how we have revisited the past as far back as the American Revolution, evidenced by mock tea parties around the U.S.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Military StrongHolds

With president Obama making the decision to send 30,000 troops over into Afghanistan, just a little less than the 40,000 thousand minimum asked buy General Stanley Mcchrystal. Now the task is to be successful in an effort to help the Afghanistan government strengthen so that they may police their own country. With drug lords, warlords, and insurgents the Taliban is an extra threat to why America initiated this war on terror. In order to be successful we must examine the type of war we are fighting in Afghanistan. The enemy uses guerrilla tactics like the viet cong did in Vietnam. They have sophisticated tunnels, a network, ability to travel in disguise, they know the terrain, they are at home fighting in conditions that they are familiar with. We must draw from the US Army in the 1800 hundreds and how they defended the Fort against the Indians and how the L.A.P.D. dealt with Gang bangers in the City of Los Angeles when they began to crack down on them. Also we must take the Taliban out of their element buy making their hot environment cold, making their dry terrain wet and muddy, lowering their visibility, and ability to plant themselves in a position to aim their weapon. Smoke they ass by setting wild fires to cut off or restrict their movements. Build military strongholds or outpost that look like a natural part of the terrain. Using motions sensors, radar, and other night vision equipment to track their movements that is almost cloaked. A guerrilla fighters best weapon is the element of surprise. Another tactic would be to use the elements against them. Use water to produce rain, torrential rains. Bring in snow from Russia, lots of snow. Snowball they ass. Gopher the holes that they hold themselves out in like a Gopher hole flushing them out. Is all that illegal water boarding in Guantanamo Bay going on for nothing. Also use salt water as you use the freshwater, lots of it in the nearby oceans. Take a wild cat or wild dog that is natural to the terrain and overpopulate it and it will become an extra threat to the Taliban by looking for food applying more pressure on them making them use their weapons revealing their locations as they travel to their next target of attack.. Make they ass make some kind of noise. The strongholds will allow a network of outpost to be built and keep track of Taliban movement, taking their invisibility and surprise allowing the US Army to predict their movements and targets of attack. This will set up a method that will work successfully for the Afghan government when American troops come home. We are not actually at war but on a peace keeping and follow-up mission that has incurred more casualties and will incur the most casualties I think. When 9/11 occurred it alerted us to Osama Bin Laden whom is the new Jackal of the 21st century and we gone deal with him with some old school childhood tactics, the same stuff I used to do in my grandmothers yard in Pacoima, California in the early 80's. A message to President Obama this is the winning strategies and tactics that the Military need to take a look at as we try to bring this thing to a head and the troops home.

Monday, November 30, 2009

2004 Champion/5 Dollar Master

What's up? Don't tell me shit/I'll piece it together and tell how you stroked yo shit/now whose the snitch/If I'm a son of a bitch then youse a bitch/Yeah I said it/Heart like a lion skill of a mongoose/I wuz a dayton and youse a different rim/I was a tree and you wuz a brim/talkin bout how my momma wuz trippin at birth about bringing a bitch on this earth/the prince is the seed of the king/now what's that worth?/I had yo ass in the club while you wuz holdin down my throne/Compton King, now the prince is doing his thing/Ruling with an iron scepter/got em mad/Pickin up on all the evil deceptors/stop eatin and stepped that's how I robbed yo ass and got paid/you right when you said fuck da club/now you sad/cause with all this money I'm a get laid/sell my product/and get paid some mo/the west coast might be sittin on the commission but I'm at the headquarters makin all the decisions/daddy ain't home/now the son like atlas totin it all alone/

Yeah I wanna fuck with you
Daddy ain't home now and I ain't
no clone

You had me and I wuz every man/an 80's crack baby/Naw just a baby/but I wuz the one that throwed crack to yo ass/WE ain't no clones/W-E meaning west and east/throw it up/trained to run but I can fight too/so I ain't gay/mined you shit like the sierra madre/I'm a 5 dollar whole/not a bitch in a corner playing a role/ that shit you wuz workin with wuz my shit to begin with/I got mu puttin in work/Can a fake ass nigga do that?/Easy tapped a platinum vein/Yall the real underground kings and I'm a fish outta water fishin for the bling bling/Dropped megaton bombs and my shit was blown/Generation X is about to be known.


I'm more than a legend, a boss, or a don/ I'm that We-fight nigga on the ron/Did 10 in the pen and perfected my game/Came home in 2006 and couldn't go no way/Not a dog or a cat/but the gulf coast is where I'm at/Not blood or a crip/but I'll beat a nigga red and blue/never sellin dope again cause I peep the play from long distance and I know what to do/Like the king you hate the crown prince/wanna see me broke with nothing but like Jay-Z(I ain't no politician but I can run with obama)/baddest muthaphucka on the planet alive/you wanna stop me/you wanna stop my drive/the original trapper like john M.D./I'll shed a tear the day I rest in peace.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Todays vision, who has it and are they in the right positions? Barack Obama has a visionary healthcare reform plan that was recently binded in a 1999 page plan. Like many of the great presidents before him, F.D.R., Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, J.F.K., Dwight Eisenhauer, and Harry Truman all have signature works of their presidency. For F.D.R. it was the New Deal for the American people, for Harry Truman it was the dropping/usage of the atomic bomb. As Barack Obama and many state and local leaders like him pursue a course that leaves no recognizable footprints or technological trapping they are liken unto the NBA teams of today that has so many teams stacked with talent it is something unseen and is unheard. Saturday Night Live made a parody fo the many things Obama has failed to do but there hasn't been a president in history whom has been scrutinized in such a short time like him.

In September North Georgia was swamped with flooding and after the flooding more rain. Rain and water are nature's natural cleansing agents, cleaning all of the past iniquities, dirty secrets, stuck on and stained sins, and any other residual evil that will keep Georgia impure. Vice President Joe Biden stated:
"It's not Katrina in its scope, by any
stretch of the imagination but the impact on
their lives, on your lives, we understand
it is Katrina"
After touring the devastation that washed out roads and highways the state of Georgia was reset for reconstruction bids that brought jobs to a state whose unemployment rate matches that of the national average. As the flood waters in North Georgia ran off into drainage systems into the Chattahoochee causing the river water levels to rise at certain points of the River walk here in Columbus, Georgia, damaging light post, benches, trashcans, and logs. Symbolically meaning that the run-off will come through and do damage to the economy but it is in the aftermath where we will receive more coal in our stockings. In Georgia, 62% of electricity is produced from coal overall and it takes a man of vision, a man with a successful business mind, is known throughout the state to replace Mayor Jim Wetherington, of Columbus, Georgia who won't seek re-election in 2010. We need a visionary Mayor, like J.R. Allen who died preaching consolidation, who can continue that vision, who can see that same vision for Columbus, Georgia, like Ft. Benning whom was awarded $32million for construction to build facilities to accommodate the Fort Knox Armour School. The opportunity is right as a soon to be vacant Mayor's seat comes up. You have three men who have announced their candidacy for Mayor: At-large Councilor Wayne Anthony; Councilor Skip Henderson; Mid-town Corporate Executive Teresea Tomlinson; and Spirit Filled Academy Director Zeph Baker.
Will Obama be the Poor man's friend? Has he remembered the forgotten man? Have white people rallied against his visionary health care? Is Obama's health care his new deal? If so, what will be his atomic bomb? Georgia, being the proverbial gateway to Corporate America and a traditionally Red state politically, economically, environmentally, demographically, and culturally and with California on the cutting edge of the American future then maybe Georgia should look to California for awhile and go as green as possible in all those same aspects.

Monday, November 2, 2009


The question is asked where or what is the missing link? Years ago scientist believed it to be a neanderthal man from the prehistoric days frozen in stasis in a block of ice but the link that was being spoken of were the links in windows that would connect us to different websites on the information superhighway now known and used by everyone as the internet. In the 40's and 50's families gathered around there radioes and T.V.'s for programs and news, the mediums for information. The linkage was limited with only analogue signals and radio waves and Soviet Subversion into high levels of American government was new and this limited linkage allowed for encryptions, attaches, and other type coded messages to be passed on. this sparked a witch hunt for anyone and all who resembled a communist in any aspect of their life. Soviets penetrated deep into the American interior and even though their plans of taking over America did not succeed the moles lay dormant in these high level positions in American government.

Did Soviet Subversion fail or was their a plan B? Russian intelligence agencies KGB and GRU were very influential in their role in penetrating into America's and other country's interior but in 1995 the Russians created an internal security agency, the F.S.B. to fight organized crime, gangs, contraband, and corrupt facist elements within the Soviet Union. the agency can operate its own prison system, infiltrate foreign organizations and organized crime, create commercial enterprises as fronts for investigative work and demand information from private organizations. These are very powerful authorizations tha cfan and probably have carried over and out of their country. Industrial espionage has been going on for a long time but from 1980 the term implied state-sponsored spying by one nation against the industrial and commercial interest of another. The NATIONAL COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE CENTER was alleged by European companies that it was also being used for industrial espionage.

Possibly when the first subversion tactic failed that they learned from their mistake and carefully crafted another that would only be initiated at the right time when the right set of circumstances existed. In between time they used more disciplined moles who committed words and phrases, signs and symbols to memory like a team of card counters in a Las Vegas casino, that were visible on pictures and had to be pieced together in part to form a whole sentence or paragraph. They could easily walk into a public Library and use the computer to recieve a message by looking at pictures posted up on a MYSPACE or a FACEBOOK page by the team PHOTOGRAPHER who knows what to take pictures of, what pictures to post up and in what order.

Look at the clothes that people wear today. It is a direct reflection of who is in power and who is running the country. Economist call them market indicators but they are the links to successfully rebuilding an infrastructure where the walls of that infrastructure is being destroyed hourly. We are at war on two fronts, one abroad to reinforce America's war on terror and one at home as we battle a troubled economy. In 1968 powerful forces were unleashed and it is those same forces that are rearing their ugly heads today. With movements like BLACK POWER and HIPPIES that were at one in succession without rest to battle these forces but movements of today are isolated and young because the youth don't have that same aggression for power or instincts to obtain and maintain controlling positions of power. In my city of Columbus, Georgia the old Bibb Mill, a building with historic proportions, caught fire and burned completely down to the ground. Why did the fire occur? Why did Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, AIG, and Bern & Sterns, cornerstones of Amercia's economy go bankrupt all of a sudden? It was an accident, done on purpose, waiting to happen. When there is a breakdown in the system we must compensate for that breakdown but overcompensation causes an imbalance and an imbalance in America's financial institutions equals corruption. In my unpublished novel, THE DAY OF THE MONGOOSE, it talks about the Baker Report and America's objective to put the world's oil reserves under their control and how the Oil Wells in the Gulf of Mexico cannot be touched by any foreign or domestic entity. With British Petroleum abou to become the controlling oil company the Euro, which is the 2nd largest reserve currency and the 2nd most traded behind the dollar officially came into circulation in January 1st 2002. Used in the Eurozone which consist of 16 European states and five other European countries, the number 2 currency in the world will be the currency followed as BP assumes the #1 position in the oil industry. Literally, New York City is the gateway to the west and proverbially California is the gateway to the east and Georgia is the gateway to corporate America.

Soviet Subversion is not happening but the elaborate methods of communication is something to think about as well as why the financial cornerstones of America's economy caught fire and how we must pass through three gates to triangulate the solution of real lessons learned from Vietnam: WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE. There is no one man with a million dollars or Euros today but a million dollars or Euros spread out amongst millions of people.

Monday, October 19, 2009


In the commencement of this century we see a society going whole again as it did in the first part of the 20th century and this letter is promotion for my novel as well as an insert for all locked-up in prison listening to your radios, all driving in your cars listening to it on your car stereo, and for all listening to it on the internet, I scour the seas of known and unknown literary works looking for that "New Money" with watermarks collecting it and allowing it to add up for "The Rainy Day" for the man that told me he wouldn't give me a buffalo nickel, will I got three of them.
I first started listening to N.P.R. while in the solitaire walls of St. Clair Correctional Facility on WBHM in Birmingham. Reading novels by my favorite author, Robert Ludlum, I was inspired to write my own novel. I would look at the USA Today's best sellers list and see the new and popular authors in big bold advertisement. Dan Brown had just hit big with the Da Vinci Code. A lot of authors who deal with secret societies as the theme of their novels use the mystic of the esoteric knowledge of those societies to attract readers. This bears witness to an article I read in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: "We're all conspiracy theorist to some degree. We're all hardwired to find patterns of threat". It is this quote that attracts us to books written by Dan Brown or Ralph Epperson. the great literary works of the 20th century were great because they dealt with the times and were well written to reflect that to readers. SOLITAIRE MONGOOSE is the first in a well written series that accurately reflects the 21st century. It takes the esoteric understanding of secret societies and plays it out in a tale of murder, ancient faith and truth, lies, and deception. There are many great novels and novelist today but if I were a college professor and high school teacher which one's would I use in my lesson plan as recommended reading to tomorrows would be star employee's or the future leaders. the information in SOLITAIRE MONGOOSE is as valuable as the content of any text-book by Harcourt-Brace but if there is no exposure for my novel or the many unknown writer's to then these valuable works of literature will be like needles in a haystack or diamonds in the rough and they probably won't find them until too late in their life. In another article in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY entitled, THE LOST GENERATION: talks about how jobs are not available for or are difficult to obtain for the youth but the greatest accomplishments in history have demanded the greatest risk, risk that we are not experienced enough to know when to take them. Taking advantage of opportunity when it presents itself or knowing how to create opportunity in economically troubled times. the CEO of Lehman Brothers failed the true test of his office and that was to not let the bottom fall out of the company. What would you do? Billions of dollars in 'Perks' or holding the company together keeping the economy out the Red, doing the right thing?

Saturday, October 3, 2009


In WWII cryptology was a very big thing. It was the single driving force that allowed the allies to win the war, a war against communism. Now in the New Millenium we find ourselves faced with the same exact problem but no World War or no cyryptology needed. With Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom now over we are still faced with trying to decipher how to restabilize these governments in these war torn countries of the Middle East. It is an age old problem that will open a lot of doors of solution to our government and her problems as well as win the war on terror which will be lost if the interim governments of Iraq and Afghanistan are not solidified into leadership. Terrorist don't like America but since 9-11 Terrorist are our main concern and if we want to win this war on Terror then the countries and governments that house these terrorist will not have a place to base there operations. America doesn't want to send more troops back into the region but that is what it will take along with strategy and tactics to restabilize these countries. If America is not going to send in more troops then they should not interfere but we know why America went to war in Afghanistan. 9-11 was the reason but TAP was the actually reason America went in and America was the reason NATO went in.