Game time-Game Faces

Game time-Game Faces

Monday, November 30, 2009

2004 Champion/5 Dollar Master

What's up? Don't tell me shit/I'll piece it together and tell how you stroked yo shit/now whose the snitch/If I'm a son of a bitch then youse a bitch/Yeah I said it/Heart like a lion skill of a mongoose/I wuz a dayton and youse a different rim/I was a tree and you wuz a brim/talkin bout how my momma wuz trippin at birth about bringing a bitch on this earth/the prince is the seed of the king/now what's that worth?/I had yo ass in the club while you wuz holdin down my throne/Compton King, now the prince is doing his thing/Ruling with an iron scepter/got em mad/Pickin up on all the evil deceptors/stop eatin and stepped that's how I robbed yo ass and got paid/you right when you said fuck da club/now you sad/cause with all this money I'm a get laid/sell my product/and get paid some mo/the west coast might be sittin on the commission but I'm at the headquarters makin all the decisions/daddy ain't home/now the son like atlas totin it all alone/

Yeah I wanna fuck with you
Daddy ain't home now and I ain't
no clone

You had me and I wuz every man/an 80's crack baby/Naw just a baby/but I wuz the one that throwed crack to yo ass/WE ain't no clones/W-E meaning west and east/throw it up/trained to run but I can fight too/so I ain't gay/mined you shit like the sierra madre/I'm a 5 dollar whole/not a bitch in a corner playing a role/ that shit you wuz workin with wuz my shit to begin with/I got mu puttin in work/Can a fake ass nigga do that?/Easy tapped a platinum vein/Yall the real underground kings and I'm a fish outta water fishin for the bling bling/Dropped megaton bombs and my shit was blown/Generation X is about to be known.


I'm more than a legend, a boss, or a don/ I'm that We-fight nigga on the ron/Did 10 in the pen and perfected my game/Came home in 2006 and couldn't go no way/Not a dog or a cat/but the gulf coast is where I'm at/Not blood or a crip/but I'll beat a nigga red and blue/never sellin dope again cause I peep the play from long distance and I know what to do/Like the king you hate the crown prince/wanna see me broke with nothing but like Jay-Z(I ain't no politician but I can run with obama)/baddest muthaphucka on the planet alive/you wanna stop me/you wanna stop my drive/the original trapper like john M.D./I'll shed a tear the day I rest in peace.

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  1. This is a reply to M.C. Ren's reincarnated. No disrespect to anybody on the leftcoast, much love but I had to reply to that shit. You said I was a crack baby and a clone and that my momma gave birth to a bitch! peace to all my niggaz on the leftcoast from the prince down south.