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Game time-Game Faces

Monday, November 2, 2009


The question is asked where or what is the missing link? Years ago scientist believed it to be a neanderthal man from the prehistoric days frozen in stasis in a block of ice but the link that was being spoken of were the links in windows that would connect us to different websites on the information superhighway now known and used by everyone as the internet. In the 40's and 50's families gathered around there radioes and T.V.'s for programs and news, the mediums for information. The linkage was limited with only analogue signals and radio waves and Soviet Subversion into high levels of American government was new and this limited linkage allowed for encryptions, attaches, and other type coded messages to be passed on. this sparked a witch hunt for anyone and all who resembled a communist in any aspect of their life. Soviets penetrated deep into the American interior and even though their plans of taking over America did not succeed the moles lay dormant in these high level positions in American government.

Did Soviet Subversion fail or was their a plan B? Russian intelligence agencies KGB and GRU were very influential in their role in penetrating into America's and other country's interior but in 1995 the Russians created an internal security agency, the F.S.B. to fight organized crime, gangs, contraband, and corrupt facist elements within the Soviet Union. the agency can operate its own prison system, infiltrate foreign organizations and organized crime, create commercial enterprises as fronts for investigative work and demand information from private organizations. These are very powerful authorizations tha cfan and probably have carried over and out of their country. Industrial espionage has been going on for a long time but from 1980 the term implied state-sponsored spying by one nation against the industrial and commercial interest of another. The NATIONAL COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE CENTER was alleged by European companies that it was also being used for industrial espionage.

Possibly when the first subversion tactic failed that they learned from their mistake and carefully crafted another that would only be initiated at the right time when the right set of circumstances existed. In between time they used more disciplined moles who committed words and phrases, signs and symbols to memory like a team of card counters in a Las Vegas casino, that were visible on pictures and had to be pieced together in part to form a whole sentence or paragraph. They could easily walk into a public Library and use the computer to recieve a message by looking at pictures posted up on a MYSPACE or a FACEBOOK page by the team PHOTOGRAPHER who knows what to take pictures of, what pictures to post up and in what order.

Look at the clothes that people wear today. It is a direct reflection of who is in power and who is running the country. Economist call them market indicators but they are the links to successfully rebuilding an infrastructure where the walls of that infrastructure is being destroyed hourly. We are at war on two fronts, one abroad to reinforce America's war on terror and one at home as we battle a troubled economy. In 1968 powerful forces were unleashed and it is those same forces that are rearing their ugly heads today. With movements like BLACK POWER and HIPPIES that were at one in succession without rest to battle these forces but movements of today are isolated and young because the youth don't have that same aggression for power or instincts to obtain and maintain controlling positions of power. In my city of Columbus, Georgia the old Bibb Mill, a building with historic proportions, caught fire and burned completely down to the ground. Why did the fire occur? Why did Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, AIG, and Bern & Sterns, cornerstones of Amercia's economy go bankrupt all of a sudden? It was an accident, done on purpose, waiting to happen. When there is a breakdown in the system we must compensate for that breakdown but overcompensation causes an imbalance and an imbalance in America's financial institutions equals corruption. In my unpublished novel, THE DAY OF THE MONGOOSE, it talks about the Baker Report and America's objective to put the world's oil reserves under their control and how the Oil Wells in the Gulf of Mexico cannot be touched by any foreign or domestic entity. With British Petroleum abou to become the controlling oil company the Euro, which is the 2nd largest reserve currency and the 2nd most traded behind the dollar officially came into circulation in January 1st 2002. Used in the Eurozone which consist of 16 European states and five other European countries, the number 2 currency in the world will be the currency followed as BP assumes the #1 position in the oil industry. Literally, New York City is the gateway to the west and proverbially California is the gateway to the east and Georgia is the gateway to corporate America.

Soviet Subversion is not happening but the elaborate methods of communication is something to think about as well as why the financial cornerstones of America's economy caught fire and how we must pass through three gates to triangulate the solution of real lessons learned from Vietnam: WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE. There is no one man with a million dollars or Euros today but a million dollars or Euros spread out amongst millions of people.

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