Game time-Game Faces

Game time-Game Faces

Saturday, October 3, 2009


In WWII cryptology was a very big thing. It was the single driving force that allowed the allies to win the war, a war against communism. Now in the New Millenium we find ourselves faced with the same exact problem but no World War or no cyryptology needed. With Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom now over we are still faced with trying to decipher how to restabilize these governments in these war torn countries of the Middle East. It is an age old problem that will open a lot of doors of solution to our government and her problems as well as win the war on terror which will be lost if the interim governments of Iraq and Afghanistan are not solidified into leadership. Terrorist don't like America but since 9-11 Terrorist are our main concern and if we want to win this war on Terror then the countries and governments that house these terrorist will not have a place to base there operations. America doesn't want to send more troops back into the region but that is what it will take along with strategy and tactics to restabilize these countries. If America is not going to send in more troops then they should not interfere but we know why America went to war in Afghanistan. 9-11 was the reason but TAP was the actually reason America went in and America was the reason NATO went in.

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