Game time-Game Faces

Game time-Game Faces

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Military StrongHolds

With president Obama making the decision to send 30,000 troops over into Afghanistan, just a little less than the 40,000 thousand minimum asked buy General Stanley Mcchrystal. Now the task is to be successful in an effort to help the Afghanistan government strengthen so that they may police their own country. With drug lords, warlords, and insurgents the Taliban is an extra threat to why America initiated this war on terror. In order to be successful we must examine the type of war we are fighting in Afghanistan. The enemy uses guerrilla tactics like the viet cong did in Vietnam. They have sophisticated tunnels, a network, ability to travel in disguise, they know the terrain, they are at home fighting in conditions that they are familiar with. We must draw from the US Army in the 1800 hundreds and how they defended the Fort against the Indians and how the L.A.P.D. dealt with Gang bangers in the City of Los Angeles when they began to crack down on them. Also we must take the Taliban out of their element buy making their hot environment cold, making their dry terrain wet and muddy, lowering their visibility, and ability to plant themselves in a position to aim their weapon. Smoke they ass by setting wild fires to cut off or restrict their movements. Build military strongholds or outpost that look like a natural part of the terrain. Using motions sensors, radar, and other night vision equipment to track their movements that is almost cloaked. A guerrilla fighters best weapon is the element of surprise. Another tactic would be to use the elements against them. Use water to produce rain, torrential rains. Bring in snow from Russia, lots of snow. Snowball they ass. Gopher the holes that they hold themselves out in like a Gopher hole flushing them out. Is all that illegal water boarding in Guantanamo Bay going on for nothing. Also use salt water as you use the freshwater, lots of it in the nearby oceans. Take a wild cat or wild dog that is natural to the terrain and overpopulate it and it will become an extra threat to the Taliban by looking for food applying more pressure on them making them use their weapons revealing their locations as they travel to their next target of attack.. Make they ass make some kind of noise. The strongholds will allow a network of outpost to be built and keep track of Taliban movement, taking their invisibility and surprise allowing the US Army to predict their movements and targets of attack. This will set up a method that will work successfully for the Afghan government when American troops come home. We are not actually at war but on a peace keeping and follow-up mission that has incurred more casualties and will incur the most casualties I think. When 9/11 occurred it alerted us to Osama Bin Laden whom is the new Jackal of the 21st century and we gone deal with him with some old school childhood tactics, the same stuff I used to do in my grandmothers yard in Pacoima, California in the early 80's. A message to President Obama this is the winning strategies and tactics that the Military need to take a look at as we try to bring this thing to a head and the troops home.

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