Game time-Game Faces

Game time-Game Faces

Monday, October 19, 2009


In the commencement of this century we see a society going whole again as it did in the first part of the 20th century and this letter is promotion for my novel as well as an insert for all locked-up in prison listening to your radios, all driving in your cars listening to it on your car stereo, and for all listening to it on the internet, I scour the seas of known and unknown literary works looking for that "New Money" with watermarks collecting it and allowing it to add up for "The Rainy Day" for the man that told me he wouldn't give me a buffalo nickel, will I got three of them.
I first started listening to N.P.R. while in the solitaire walls of St. Clair Correctional Facility on WBHM in Birmingham. Reading novels by my favorite author, Robert Ludlum, I was inspired to write my own novel. I would look at the USA Today's best sellers list and see the new and popular authors in big bold advertisement. Dan Brown had just hit big with the Da Vinci Code. A lot of authors who deal with secret societies as the theme of their novels use the mystic of the esoteric knowledge of those societies to attract readers. This bears witness to an article I read in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: "We're all conspiracy theorist to some degree. We're all hardwired to find patterns of threat". It is this quote that attracts us to books written by Dan Brown or Ralph Epperson. the great literary works of the 20th century were great because they dealt with the times and were well written to reflect that to readers. SOLITAIRE MONGOOSE is the first in a well written series that accurately reflects the 21st century. It takes the esoteric understanding of secret societies and plays it out in a tale of murder, ancient faith and truth, lies, and deception. There are many great novels and novelist today but if I were a college professor and high school teacher which one's would I use in my lesson plan as recommended reading to tomorrows would be star employee's or the future leaders. the information in SOLITAIRE MONGOOSE is as valuable as the content of any text-book by Harcourt-Brace but if there is no exposure for my novel or the many unknown writer's to then these valuable works of literature will be like needles in a haystack or diamonds in the rough and they probably won't find them until too late in their life. In another article in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY entitled, THE LOST GENERATION: talks about how jobs are not available for or are difficult to obtain for the youth but the greatest accomplishments in history have demanded the greatest risk, risk that we are not experienced enough to know when to take them. Taking advantage of opportunity when it presents itself or knowing how to create opportunity in economically troubled times. the CEO of Lehman Brothers failed the true test of his office and that was to not let the bottom fall out of the company. What would you do? Billions of dollars in 'Perks' or holding the company together keeping the economy out the Red, doing the right thing?

Saturday, October 3, 2009


In WWII cryptology was a very big thing. It was the single driving force that allowed the allies to win the war, a war against communism. Now in the New Millenium we find ourselves faced with the same exact problem but no World War or no cyryptology needed. With Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom now over we are still faced with trying to decipher how to restabilize these governments in these war torn countries of the Middle East. It is an age old problem that will open a lot of doors of solution to our government and her problems as well as win the war on terror which will be lost if the interim governments of Iraq and Afghanistan are not solidified into leadership. Terrorist don't like America but since 9-11 Terrorist are our main concern and if we want to win this war on Terror then the countries and governments that house these terrorist will not have a place to base there operations. America doesn't want to send more troops back into the region but that is what it will take along with strategy and tactics to restabilize these countries. If America is not going to send in more troops then they should not interfere but we know why America went to war in Afghanistan. 9-11 was the reason but TAP was the actually reason America went in and America was the reason NATO went in.