Game time-Game Faces

Game time-Game Faces

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Todays vision, who has it and are they in the right positions? Barack Obama has a visionary healthcare reform plan that was recently binded in a 1999 page plan. Like many of the great presidents before him, F.D.R., Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, J.F.K., Dwight Eisenhauer, and Harry Truman all have signature works of their presidency. For F.D.R. it was the New Deal for the American people, for Harry Truman it was the dropping/usage of the atomic bomb. As Barack Obama and many state and local leaders like him pursue a course that leaves no recognizable footprints or technological trapping they are liken unto the NBA teams of today that has so many teams stacked with talent it is something unseen and is unheard. Saturday Night Live made a parody fo the many things Obama has failed to do but there hasn't been a president in history whom has been scrutinized in such a short time like him.

In September North Georgia was swamped with flooding and after the flooding more rain. Rain and water are nature's natural cleansing agents, cleaning all of the past iniquities, dirty secrets, stuck on and stained sins, and any other residual evil that will keep Georgia impure. Vice President Joe Biden stated:
"It's not Katrina in its scope, by any
stretch of the imagination but the impact on
their lives, on your lives, we understand
it is Katrina"
After touring the devastation that washed out roads and highways the state of Georgia was reset for reconstruction bids that brought jobs to a state whose unemployment rate matches that of the national average. As the flood waters in North Georgia ran off into drainage systems into the Chattahoochee causing the river water levels to rise at certain points of the River walk here in Columbus, Georgia, damaging light post, benches, trashcans, and logs. Symbolically meaning that the run-off will come through and do damage to the economy but it is in the aftermath where we will receive more coal in our stockings. In Georgia, 62% of electricity is produced from coal overall and it takes a man of vision, a man with a successful business mind, is known throughout the state to replace Mayor Jim Wetherington, of Columbus, Georgia who won't seek re-election in 2010. We need a visionary Mayor, like J.R. Allen who died preaching consolidation, who can continue that vision, who can see that same vision for Columbus, Georgia, like Ft. Benning whom was awarded $32million for construction to build facilities to accommodate the Fort Knox Armour School. The opportunity is right as a soon to be vacant Mayor's seat comes up. You have three men who have announced their candidacy for Mayor: At-large Councilor Wayne Anthony; Councilor Skip Henderson; Mid-town Corporate Executive Teresea Tomlinson; and Spirit Filled Academy Director Zeph Baker.
Will Obama be the Poor man's friend? Has he remembered the forgotten man? Have white people rallied against his visionary health care? Is Obama's health care his new deal? If so, what will be his atomic bomb? Georgia, being the proverbial gateway to Corporate America and a traditionally Red state politically, economically, environmentally, demographically, and culturally and with California on the cutting edge of the American future then maybe Georgia should look to California for awhile and go as green as possible in all those same aspects.

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